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hier kommt Pfingstpanzer Nummer 7, wie immer für umme zum hören, downloaden, weiterreichen....

so this is #7, feel free to listen, download and share


released May 28, 2014

texte + musik 2014 von bender, hoffentlich mit mithilfe vom Herrn

lyrics + music written 2014 by bender, hopefully with some support from the Lord




Pfingstpanzer Hamburg, Germany

Pfingstpanzer ist ein Homerecordingprojekt, welches es seit 2005 gibt. Die Songs sind für und über Jesus und das Leben mit ihm, wer's hören will hört's...

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Track Name: i can't deny - i've seen the light
i've seen the light

Hey you sent your son from heaven with love
hey god and now your spirit lives in our hearts

I can't deny
i've seen the light
and i will follow you till the day that i die

hey lord, you got a plan and i know it is great
hey christ i believe in the amazing things that you said

I can't deny
i've seen the light
and i will follow you till the day that i die
Track Name: hey kids
hey kids

hey kids, do you wanna see the light?
Hey kids, do you wanna shine real bright?
Let me know if you wanna burn
let's get ignited by the holy one

hey, are you sick all the blackened shit?
Of satans bad ideas that doesnt fit?
Do you seek to dwell in the sun?
let's get ignited by the holy one

yeah yeah we wanna see the light of jesus every day
we know there is no other chance
oh crap this song is getting really fast now anyway
so we go out to praise and dance
Track Name: the right time to worship
the right time to worship

this is the hour
to praise the lord
this minute and the next
and all that come forevermore

so don't hesitate
open your hearts
your minds, your souls, your spirits
and say: we praise you lord

the right time to worship
is simply „always“
the christ deserves it truly
on bad and good days

so stop what you are doin'
it's not that important
and tell the lord, you love him
and that he's all you want

glory glory
to the lord
to the lord

holy holy
is the lord
Track Name: no fuckin' game
no fuckin' game

I woke up late
wasted my time
i just did nothing
and still felt tired

but this is no fucking game
there's power in gods name
these are no religious lies
it's all bout jesus christ

"Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you." (Jesus)

this is no fuckin' game...

"Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you. And with that he breathed on them and said: Receive the Holy Spirit.”

wake up
and then stand up
just be bold
dont back down

this life
is so much more
than just workin
and some fun

take conrol
of my heart
of my life

it is
for what i strive
Track Name: yesterday, today and always
yesterday, today and always

this ones for you lord
straight from my heart
you are king of all worlds
and i will love you forevermore

since i was young lord
i knew that you were there
right at my side
so there was no reason to feel fear

there was no day lord
where you forgot bout me
and even if i was a jerk
there was your light to see

so all i can do jesus is to give my praise
my love my adoration for you each and every day

and now we're here lord
so many years have past
you are still with me jesus
and all can say is: it's a blast

and we keep walking
together side by side
i'm your desciple christ
and you will always be my guide
Track Name: this city
This city

hey hey this city
is filled with grief
but my hearts so hardened
that often i dont see

every day every hour
people around me die
may it be their mortal body
or be it on the inside

and all i care about
is my pretty life
how to get some cash
where to drink at night

oh jesus jesus soften me
i trade this heart of stone - for one that bleeds
oh jesus jesus make me cry
help me to see: this world - it dies
Track Name: everyday all i want is just livin' with the lord
everyday all i want is just living with the lord

everyday all i want is just living with the lord
everyday all i want is just love him more and more

say hey hey yeah yeah

yeah yeah and come on
Track Name: jesus superheart
jesus superheart

as i'm walkin through the valley of death
i shall fear no evil, you are my friend

you reign
you rule
you're jesus supercool

you care
you love
you're jesus superheart

goodness and mercy follow me every day
and yeah your house is where i gonna stay
Track Name: livin' for the christ
livin' for the christ

hey folks, what do you want?
to live like jesus, live like christ
hey folks, what do you want?
to have his fire burnin inside
hey folks, what do you seek?
to act like he did, to speak like he preached
hey folks what do you want?
what do you want?

I need his fire to consume myself
i need his strength to be my fuel
i need his spirit to lead every step i make
i need him to take full control

all that i want
livin' for the christ
all that i seek
walkin' with the christ
all that i need
his spirit inside
all that i want
bein' alike to christ…
Track Name: amen.lordjesus.come

beware – the time has come
the end is near – soon we'll see the son

This is the final hour
the moon turns to blood
and all i can think of is
Amen. Lord Jesus. Come

This is the glorious hour
the lamb stands on mount Zion
this dyin' world was no home anyway
Amen. Lord Jesus. Come
Track Name: ITJ

i look around
this world is black
i look around
this world is wrecked
i look around
death laughs at us
i look around and still i know there's someone, someone i can trust

and when there's war in every place
i trust jesus
and when mankind forgot bout grace
i trust jesus
when cruelity overwhelms
i trust jesus
and when it seems like theres no help
i trust jesus

and when i look towards the son
i trust jesus
then i'm still glad that i was born
i trust jesus
i know the glory waits for me
i trust jesus
and theres a future full of peace
Track Name: we follow
we follow

hey jesus christ
you're the eternal life
so show as where to go / what to do
lord be our guide

we need you – oh jesus
we seek you – oh jesus
we follow – oh jesus
we love you – oh jesus
Track Name: these times that lack of hope
these times that lack of hope

oh, these times
that truly lack of hope
sicken the people
noone knows where to go

whom can you trust
who'll keep his promises?
There's no foundation
where you can find some rest

in these times i look towards the heavens above
know there's my father who provides joy, peace and love

holy holy
holy holy
is the god who cares for us all
Track Name: trash the crap
trash the crap

I see the world and lord it sucks
we're just a bunch of lazy fucks
yeah we dont take your word for granted anymore
livin' our lifes like all those schmucks

it's all about the daily grind
no deaf who hear, no seein' blind

oh jesus jesus – we need you
to kick our butts and see us through
we need your holy spirit more than daily bread
and open eyes peered on the truth

renew our hearts, renew our minds
and trash those earthly crap that binds

you showed us how to burn real bright
we follow you – you are the light
Track Name: thank slowly
thank slowly

jesus – oh jesus
how i love you
precious lord

oh jesus – friendly jesus
how i need you
more and more

i was wandering all alone through the dark
but then you came and saved me – oh lord

jesus – oh jesus
never will i
leave your side

jesus – mighty jesus
never will i
flee your light

i was lost and hopeless, fallen and wrecked
you came, renewed me and gave me – your spirit

jesus – you are my everything
my friend my saviour my hero
i'm so glad to know you
and all i want to say is : thanks